New – 2015 Discoveries

Excavations during 2015 have concentrated on uncovering the manor service buildings. Those to the north of the site have unfortunately be covered over by the Victorian lane between the manor and the church boundary.


The Victorian lane between the manor site and the church boundary

However, excavations along the lane edge have enabled us to find the hearth from the blacksmith’s shop, evidenced by a large area of burning. We have also retrieved a quantity of magnetic hammer scale given off when iron is being worked on the anvil.


The burnt area around the blacksmith’s hearth


Hammer scale from the forge

At the north side of the lane an exploratory trench uncovered what we believe to be the rear wall (under the existing church boundary wall) and floor of the blacksmiths shop.


The rear wall and floor of the blacksmith’s shop

At the east end of the lane a section of wall was uncovered with a stone drainage culvert running through it, unfortunately damaged by the excavation for a modern water pipe. This may be the remains of the brew house. At the west end of the site further foundations uncovered may be a boundary wall or a further building.

DSC_0003-001Building wall and stone drainage culvert