Earl Morcars Anglo Saxon hall at Croxton

At the time of the Domesday survey the manor of Croxton Kerrial was owned by Morcar, the Anglo Saxon Earl of Northumberland. But where would his hall have been? I believe we may now know the answer Рon Pinfold Field, the site of the medieval manor house. Excavations this season have uncovered finds giving clear evidence of a high status Anglo Saxon dwelling on the site. These finds include a silver coin, two decorated bronze pins and a highly decorated pair of ladies eyebrow tweezers, together with pottery dating back to the 7th or 8th century. We also have masses of 9th to 11th century pottery coming out of what we believe may be an Anglo Saxon ironstone quarry. As the Anglo Saxons built only churches in stone, if this theory is correct, it would indicate the presence of an earlier church under the existing one. A final intriguing find was the discovery of what we believe to be a broken Roman glass vessel in a sealed context with the Anglo Saxon pottery, probably a vessel used by the Saxons (possibly obtained from a Roman grave) and discarded when broken. Another indicator of a high status Anglo Saxon dwelling.


an Anglo Saxon ‘sceat’ sliver coin minted at the mouth of Rhine around 700 AD



Anglo Saxon ladies eyebrow tweezers, decorated with a ring and dot design, 7th/8th century


Anglo Saxon dome headed dress pin, 7th/8th century

Roman glass from the quarry